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Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications

Whereas in the case of a designation of origin, the quality and characteristics of the products are due essentially or exclusively to the geographical environment, including natural and human factors, in the case of a geographical indication, the reputation, specific quality or other characteristics may be attributed to such geographical origin irrespective of natural and human factors.

Requirements that are common to both designations of origin and geographical indications are that the products must originate from the country, region or specific locality whose name is used to designate the product and that the boundaries of the geographical area must be determined.

Designations of origin and geographical indications, when registered, constitute the common property of the residents or persons who are actually and seriously established in the locality, region or territory and they may be used by persons who, in the respective area, are engaged in any field of characteristic production, when duly authorised by the owner of the registration.

Designations of origin and geographical indications are of unlimited duration.

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