Domain Names

The entity responsible for registering .eu domain names in the European Union is EURID, which is a non-profit-making organisation based in Belgium. These domains cannot be registered directly with EURID by interested parties, as this organisation can only accept the registration of domain names by accredited bodies (Registrars).

Our company has the honour of being a Registrar with EURID and we are therefore authorised to register .eu domain names.

Registration is open to all on a first come, first served basis.

The registration of .eu domain names is only accessible to corporate bodies based in the European Union and individuals resident within the EU.


By registering an .eu domain, you will be protecting yourself against cybersquatting (the practice of registering domain names corresponding to well-known trademarks for the merely speculative purpose of selling them to their legitimate owners).

Our firm has a team of specialists who are able to clarify any doubts and assist you in finding the most effective way to protect your legitimate rights.

Please note that in our capacity as Registrars, we are obliged to process the applications that we receive in order of filing.

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